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Forcefed integration from the corporation. I don't need this corporation attitude. Doo doo doo!

     According to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), at a public high school, minors actually do excerize more civil liberties in a high school than they do ordinarily (thank you Tinker v. Des Moines). I carry the ACLU student rights in my wallet. I'm well-versed. Now, a few weeks ago, we had these giant sheets of paper, the kind teachers use to decorate their bulletin boards, hanging outside our commons with pens nearby and two signs: one urging us to write whatever was on our minds and then a disclaimer stating that the opinions expressed were not necessarily those of the school. The pages bore mostly Biblical quotes and references, with the occasional comment about 9-11 (both leftist and rightist), and a few stupid little rhymes someone thought were cute. After a month or so of standing, the pages were removed because someone had drawn a swastika, about the size of a floppy disc, upon one of them. Now they're all gone.
     According the ACLU, we're allowed to wear red stars, black stars, black flag pins or patches, Soviet flag pins or patches, and any statement so long as the statement isn't vulgar or disruptive. There are several students I have seen wearing swastikas, and seeing as they've had them the entire year and as no one has stopped me from wearing my GDR/USSR pin, or Kyle, Marc, or me from wearing our red star patches or red wristbands, I'm willing to bet no one has talked to these young Nazis.
     I think the removal of all those SpeakOut! sheets because of one swastika is completely ridiculous, but would the removal and replacement of the one marked sheet be acceptible? On 5-19, Marc, Kyle, and I are papering the school with leaflets about why Linda Schrenko shouldn't be voted for as well as some information about the Communist Party. I don't doubt that it'll all be taken down (I think we should have a back-up supply to redo what we've done as soon as it's taken down). That's censorship. So was removing the swastika-sheet. Nazism is offensive to most. It hurts people. It hurt me to see that everyday on my way to lunch. But it's an opinion. I support Communism and I know, while there are a few people whom Communism angers but none of whom I know whom it actually HURTS, that it'll make some people uncomfortable. Would the school's removal of our leaflets be justifiable?
     (See, I think there's a lot to do with motive that the school can't possibly be open-minded enough to take into account. We're posting these leaflets to agitate and to enlighten. I'm pretty sure the swastika, as it provided no further information besides the symbol, was intended to mark "territory.")

     You know, Sarah, I knew about Giuliani wanting to remove the painting, but I heard nothing about it more than it was -- oh, let's see... what did the news call it? I think they said "an unorthodox and possibly lewd representation of the Virgin Mary." Those words in some order (and yes, they did indeed say "the Virgin Mary," but then, they also say "Jesus Christ"). Nothing about vaginas or cowdung. That's censorship in the very definition our sophomore history book refers to as "Communist censorship" (no bias there - no, sir): we're not allowed to hear the truth about the censhorship. Psht.


P.S. - There's a copy of this on the Forum.

P.P.S. - Should I register another Forum page? This one is getting hard for me to access... and the time between posts is kinda depressing when I do find the time to come.
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