Molly O (molly4114) wrote in philomafia,
Molly O

this makes me sad

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I wrote the Ana-By-Choice people a letter, and once they become brave enough to list a contact email, I'm going to send it to them:

To Whom It May Concern:
     My little sister has had problems with Bulimia from the time she was nine. You see, she was an elementary and middle school cheerleader and those girls were pushed very hard to be thin. Because of her actions, she now has burns in her esophagus, advanced tooth decay, fainting spells, and her growth has been stunted. The doctor has said time and time again that if she persists, the burns may turn into ulcers. Anorexia is not better in the slightest. The body needs a certain amount of calories to regenerate itself; anorexics can't heal, fall sick, and will eventually die because of their lifestyle. Anorexic women risk dying earlier if they are to conceive. Whatever your aim is, I wish you would consider the dangers your choice presents. You might feel I have no right trying to impose my thoughts on this matter, and it is true that your bodies are your bodies and none of my business, but please, for the sake of little boys and girls who don't know any better, please, please reconsider your need for a presence on the world wide web.

     Zeke Paull

Thanks for the link. Like I said in my LJ, Cynnie's throwing up again.
The directness of that letter makes it very effective, I think. I am sorry for Cynnie.

Since I posted that, there have been some interesting comments made to that post. Might want to check it out again.